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Dear customers, the store administration warns that the colors of the decorations on your monitor may differ from the actual color. In case you need to get exactly any color, we recommend that you come to our showroom.

Laminate Oak 33 class 8 mm

25 $

Laminate Oak 33 class 11 mm

18 $

Laminate Oak 33 class 10 mm

23 $

Laminate Oak 32 class 7 mm

29 $

Laminate Oak 33 class 12 mm

21 $

Laminate Oak 32 class 10 mm

23 $

The online store offers the widest range of floors from different countries, different brands and classes of use. A wide selection of shades and textures presented on our website will allow you to find a floor covering for your home. Before making the final decision, we recommend calling by phone and obtaining professional advice from a specialist. Our store offers its customers a full range of services, from the sale of flooring and related materials to installation. Professional installers from the online store team will produce fast, high-quality laminate flooring at low prices. To deliver the goods, you can use our transport, we will quickly deliver your order to the specified address. If you want to see and feel the decorations live, you can visit the showroom, where most of the samples are on display. The store employs experienced specialists who will not only help you determine the color of the flooring, but also calculate the necessary material for your premises.

Laminate is a popular artificial floor covering nowadays, consisting of a base, an HDF base, a photographic pattern and a protective layer of melamine, which is class 31, 32 and 33. Laminate flooring is a luxury affordable that combines aesthetic appeal, practicality and durability. It is due to the availability of this type of soil that it is very popular.